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GangWarsRP has seen ups and down throughout the past years, but a new beginning is starting to see the light of day. With an expanded team, GangWars will now face a new tomorrow, with a bright future ahead.

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  2. Mercior pulled a Mercior on Woox and then Woox pulled a mercior on us..., Management is not interested because they have not played the game they run and therefore cannot hope to know what changes are needed, We'd all like to see the good ol day of gangwars but that won't happen cause back then we had more than 1 active admin on each server, these days you can't hope to have 1 admin between the 4-5 servers.
  3. Is GWRP dead? If management is interested, I'd hapilly host GWRP on one of my PowerEdge's @ a colo in London for free 🙂 I'd like to see GWRP come back, miss the good old days.
  4. heart


    There's no way this dev team would disappoint us, Every update so far has been in the best interest for the gamemode, Longevity is key.
  5. @flero gwrp.gg whos gunna tell him arc isnt coming out yet XD
  6. InsaniA


    Was there going to be a reset?
  7. heart


    I'm still hyped, Arc is coming out at the end of the month, I'm really excited and can't wait what the future of gangwars holds.
  8. This didn't age well 😐
  9. Name: In-game Name: Discord Username: Steam ID: Age: Application Questions In your own words, what are the main duties/responsibilities of an admin on GangwarsRP? How long have you been a part of the GangwarsRP community? What do you find the administrative team lacks right now or could use more of and how would you help fix it? How much time do you think you can reasonably spend within the community daily? Are you able to maintain composure and make critical decisions when dealing with complicated conflicts? (IE: Conflict of Interest/Biased Situations or heavily stressful situations) Do you have a working microphone and are willing to actively interact with the community on a daily basis in terms of discord / in game? Being an admin requires good written and verbal communication. Are you able to professionally carry yourself on the forum and in-game? If so in your honest opinion, describe us a situation you did the following. Finally, are you able to take critique, learn from mistakes and maintain an open mind with this job that is ever changing? What are your top 2-3 strengths / weaknesses about yourself that would help us understand more about you?
  10. Seems like clear RDM from name. You were standing in crossfire for a time but clearly weren't involved in the fight and weren't rivaled with him.
  11. Your Steam Name: gangwarsrp gwrp.gg Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:25309195 Your Character Name: SLH Target Steam Name: ok Target SteamID: STEAM_0:0:19752307 Target Character Name: name Request Reason: RDM When did the situation occur?: just now Your evidence to support your claim: https://medal.tv/clips/31052043/d13374ZQ0YXY Additional members involved/witnessing: Read, understood and followed player report rules?: yes
  12. Just logged on and took a stack of upgrades out of my bank to my inventory, swap sound occur and nothing in my inventory. Inv_resync/refresh already and rejoined twice. Super important upgrades so I'd need some assistance, thanks 🙂
  13. Hello future kids. I will now tell you about how me and your father met. It all started with me, your father Cryogen and Niks were vibin playing CS:GO. Then Nova and Jord joins. You know Nova and Jord, your uncles. After that this disgusting ugly Iran sounding Danish guy named “Mush” joins the voice room aswell. It gets very hostile, I felt the tension and the heat. I felt sweat dripping to my kneecaps and then I hear this disgusting ugly Iran sounding Danish guy Mush say your uncle Nova’s real name. I was shook and so saw your father. We didn’t know how to react. Me and your father had sex that night. Very rough and adventurous sex. It was the start of something new. Our life together. We will remember this night for as long as we live. We decided that night that we wanted to have kids together. Adopt a Chinese boy, yes that’s you Ramen-Coke. Yes we named you Ramen because your father loves Ramen, and we also named you Coke because well. I love coke. We wanted a Chinese kid for the money basically. Sadly you grew up to be a fucking shithead like your uncle Nova. Anyhow I’m going off track here. After the night we had sex for the first time and Mush said uncle Nova’s real name. We became a thing. Things moved very quickly. After just 2 weeks he met my mom and dad. They really liked him. They did not like the way he touched me while we were at the dinner table. But other than that they liked him very much. 3 weeks in to our relationship I met your father Cryogen’s 2 fathers. They did not approve of the fact that we were gay but we didn’t care. We loved eachother, nothing could ever stop us. The same night as we met your father Cryogen’s fathers we had rough and loud sex just so they could hear us. Your father Cryogen screamed so much, almost like I raped him. I have never heard him scream that loud before. I was impressed. I realized at that moment what a hot slut of a boyfriend I had. Almost came just thinking about that night. After that night I never met your father Cryogen’s fathers again. But that didn’t bother us, cause like I said before. We were too much in love. 5 weeks into our relationship we agreed to also get a African American child. Just so that kid could make us money from going pro in baseball. Yes that’s how we got you Charlie. We named you Charlie because well we knew the moment we met you at the adoption center that we would not like you at all. We both knew a guy through gangwarsrp named Charlie and we didn’t like him aswell. 2 months into our relationship we started fighting more, the “honeymoon period” as they call it was over. We fought over the fact that your father Cryogen took it more in the ass than I did. I wanted to be fucked sometimes aswell. We fought over the fact that he had a girlfriend before me. I didn’t like the thought of him being with a woman. I wanted him to only like men. But when I got mad at him for having a girlfriend before me I always thought of the time when he talked to me on the phone and let me hear him break up with his girlfriend. He told her to “Know her place” which is my catchphrase I used in gangwarsrp. He also called her a “fucking dog” which was also my catchphrase in gangwarsrp. I realize what a alpha male boy I have as a boyfriend. So it makes us stop fighting about the fact that he had a girlfriend and we have sex instead. Cause the thought of him telling her to “Know her place” and a “fucking dog” makes my penis wet every time. Talking about places, it was also around this time that we started looking at houses together. Where we could build our dream life with you guys, Ramen-Coke and Charlie. 5 months into our relationship we found a beautiful house in the same neighborhood as your uncle Jord and uncle Nova. I know it’s weird that both your uncles live together. But that’s what kind of family I have. My stoner friend Puff also lives in that neighborhood. I love Puff. I call him Puffy sometimes cause I think it sounds cute. I have many times thought of cheating on your father Cryogen with Puff. But the thought of messing up the chance of getting rich because of you Charlie just makes me not do it. 9 months into our relationship we moved into that house in the same neighborhood as your uncle Jord and uncle Nova. We really like it here. It’s family friendly except that Puff grows weed in his garden. But obviously we don’t let you guys hang out at Puff’s place. That would just be irresponsible. 1 year into our relationship we went to Beijing to adopt you Ramen-Coke. We had a lovely time there until we met you. But we felt that you would become something big within the industry of making well everything, fucking everything is made in China right? Fucking hell. Anyways, we chose you like Ash chose Pikachu and then we went back home to our lovely home. You got to meet everyone the day we came home. You met uncle Jord and he said in his disgusting Wales accent “Wha’ the fock is this den’? A fucking Chinese kid!?”. Your father Cryogen quickly told him to know his fucking place. I got turned on, could not stop thinking about what your father Cryogen said to Jord that whole day. I was horny throughout that whole day, we had rough and loud sex that night. Not as loud as we had when we were at your father Cryogen’s fathers place, but almost. Your uncle Nova didn’t say much. He was scared of Chinese people. My friend Puff don’t even remember that day, he was way too stoned. Fucking dog. 1 year and 3 months into our relationship we went on vacation to Washington. We saw lots of cool stuff, your uncle Jord and uncle Nova was taking care of you Ramen-Coke in the meantime. Obviously we didn’t want to buy a ticket for you to go with us. Because well, we don’t want to spend money on your ugly ass. Anyhow we went there and had a great time together. Hotel sex is always good. We then found an adoption center and we both thought “Hey, great time to adopt a African American right?” so that’s what we did. We saw you that day Charlie, we knew because of your very large right arm that you would be great at baseball. How you managed to get a larger right arm than left we are not sure of. But we had our theories. We then adopted you and brought you home with us to Ramen-Coke. You only met my friend Puff and your uncle Jord that day Charlie. Your uncle Nova didn’t want to come over, he thought you were going to rob him or shoot him. This is why your uncle Nova doesn’t come over anymore when you’re home Charlie. Puff and you really clicked Charlie, we didn’t like the way he offered you weed when you were only 9 years old at the time but we let it slip. 2 years into our relationship Puff started getting feelings for me. It went to his head so much that one day when I was out making money on the streets he broke in to our house and killed your father Cryogen. I came home devastated, my boyfriend Cryogen with the fat cock was dead. I was sad for many many days. Until Puff one day came over with weed. We smoked so much weed that day. We had sex that night. So now that is how Puff became your new father.
  14. Wanna provide evidence / anything for me to understand more of the situation ?
  15. Steam Name: Bonk Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:160852918 Your Character Name: Bonk Ban Length: 15 days Ban Reason: admin disrespect Unban Reason: my message was misunderstood Time of Occurrence: 10 minutes ago Additional members involved/witnessing: doesnt matter Read, understood and followed ban appeal rules?: yes
  16. should be fixed by now
  17. Water snake the video is private on YouTube
  18. as shown in the video on youtube i will show you whats going on in my appartment :video couldnt upload since the file was to big and even in 540p it was more then 48 mb bugreport.mp4 bugreport.mp4
  19. DoomSoldier


    Right now everyone that knows about cameras can place them anywhere in the map AND use them whenever they want, from anywhere in the map, giving people lots of free vision without any downsides. My request would be to disable camera and replace it with a RT camera. Why? because with an RT camera, it could force players to build a security room and have to be at their base to use their cameras. It would also be a fun feature to use the camera and allow OTHER people to use it too, not just for your own personal benefit. Imagine the scene, you are sitting in your nice base at the bank, you are printing with your mates doing your thing and one of you notices on the security camera that someone is trying to do your maze! with all the extra eyes of course it was noticed. instead of currently that, you are out and about doing your thing and get a feeling you are being raided, but you are down in the mines (for whatever reason) tap a key, now you can see you are being raided but only you saw it, and it took half a second to press a button, pretty free in my mind. If possible when adding a RT camera, make it so the camera has a small amount of hp enough to "shoot out" a camera to make raiding a bit more interactive.
  20. Also; Another cool thing that could be added is putting crypto miners in peoples printers, which would sap their XP/Money by a certain % and give it to you. Could be removed somehow tho, obviously.
  21. We've all setup printers literally thousands of times, if there was an item, even an expensive one (like 1m or something) that you could push a silo/factory/printer into to "lock" it in perfect position (would work with any amount 1-12) im sure people would use it. Would just be a cool quality of life feature. Would be easy to implement with silos but I'm not really sure on factories or normal printers. Maybe make it for only silos?
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