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  1. Good morning I was late on this one but busy ass day
  2. Good Morning fuck that shit up
  3. Good Morning Woox!Good Morning, Phenom!,Good Morning pawsative!,Good Morning Jordan!, Good MorningTrebor!
  4. Good Morning Woox!, Give me that basketball shirt
  5. Something was mentioned about them added hair for the humans and do this so its another job/ something else to do. And I didn't include it up there but maybe have some unique hair styles that can be earned through ARC like they plan on doing with paint and whatnot.
  6. Suggestion: Adding a job that makes/customizes hairs. (If hairs are added), Through like a table or something or items that can only be able to bought through the job or something similar. How or why does this benefit the server?: It makes another job and expands what people can do. (Possible money dump??)
  7. Good Morning, Phenom!, pawsative!, Jordan!, Trebor!
  8. Must keep grinding cant fall behind curve
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