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  1. Just logged on and took a stack of upgrades out of my bank to my inventory, swap sound occur and nothing in my inventory. Inv_resync/refresh already and rejoined twice. Super important upgrades so I'd need some assistance, thanks 🙂
  2. -Leaderboard system : Rewards for top players (cosmetics, etc...), maybe add bonuses or kill streak etc -Rival killing/gang capping generating player XP : not too high because printing should be the main source of leveling, but enough to make people fight. -Raiding : instead of that new rp item rules, make a feature that rewards succesful raids with XP. (ould be like a /raid thing or else.) New MMR system : Joins the leaderboard idea. Players and gangs would have personnal MMR similar to others game's ranked system. The more you kill, the more get MMR. The higher your MMR is, the less you get from kills and the more you lose from dying to lower MMR players. MMR would allow for rewards that should be worth fighting for. Adding that MMR would cause big gangs to get really high MMR pretty quick due to the gear difference of course, but the downside is the fear caused by the fact they can lose alot of points to lower mmr people, e.g getting 5 mmr per kill at the cost of 100 for dying to a much lower MMR player. This also can make big gang "hide" in their base, or atleast avoid dangerous (MMR wise) fights and open the map for weaker gang, making them able to fight eachothers and get caps to eventually come back in the gang season race. Would also incite player to raid the big gang's gangbase, for the huge MMR reward it could give. The new MMR system could instore a new dimension of thinking and strategy in the fighting, instead of just running out of spawn and rushing people.
  3. Add a more in-depth reforging system. Being able to manipulate gear's stats to boost a desired stats at the cost of others important stats ould diversify the people's gearing and change everyone having the exact same gear in the later stages of the game. Would be do-able on the main gear gear pieces, ring and weapons, for instance getting more dmg % at the cost of huge clip size on weapons, or damages at the cost of speed/hp/armor on gear pieces, and the other way around of course. Also buff pulls/forces. They seemed to lack a little of power on the test server for their level (were 8s) and they only apply when people are jumping, thus barely working when people are running.
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