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  1. You were probably on for about 18 hours, you're just being a retard trying to make it look like it's easy when you know for a fact it's not. The point people are making is, most people don't have 18 hours like you... @Woox these "2 days" you're talking about, do you even understand how long these people have been on the servers? I bet every single one of them that's hit 90 has been on at least 20/24 hours in the day getting minimal sleep and just constantly farming, anyone who tries to say that's not true is chatting pure and utter shit. Animosity was on the server from when it got updated at around 12pm I believe, I came off at about 4pm, then came back at around 4am and stayed till 10am before quitting and they were still there and had only just scratched onto level 83. That's 7-8 levels in over 20 hours of constant farming... For you to bring up other versions, on the old gangwars, 2.0, I hit level 99 within the first two weeks of 2.0 starting up and so did most other people so where are you getting this idea that xp needs to be harder? That's not what needs to happen at all, the level cap was a nice idea to let people catch up but to completely stump people is just madness, I don't really know what else to tell you, your community has asked for help, the no lifers have tried to say it's easy when they're spending their entire day on the server and everyone has issues with it but you clearly don't want to listen to us so I'm staying off the servers until further notice, I know that a few others have already quit and the trouble with it now is, If I were to come back, everyone will be so far ahead of me due to having to no life the shit out of the game that it won't even be worth playing anymore as I'll be at that much of a disadvantage. I may come back in the future, I might not. I'm not trying to say what you're doing is the worst idea in the world, cause it's not, but players don't need to be shunted back, they need to just be held at a spot so others can catch up, if everyone got to level 99 easier but you capped it at 99 for like 2 weeks, that would've been brilliant because there's time for new players to catch up, people can farm and fight without having to worry about spending the next 123512412351234123123 hours trying to gain a level.
  2. uhhm, I've already gave my shit away, I suppose I could come back but I'm not sitting there forever trying to level, I'd rather not. You say make a base and go fight, xp decreases with each stack on a printer, you only get the same amount of xp from gang printing as you do from the first produce of it, and it already takes 4 hours to level, so relatively to that, you'd be spending 8+ hours trying to level if you were out fighting constantly at the same time, not to mention, if someone raided you, and you lost 12 prints and forges with 250mhz, even if I didn't quit, I would've quit there and then. The time it takes to set up all them prints and stuff is long enough, if you have to lose an hours farming time because of it, you could potentially be spending another 2 hours trying to compensate for it. I love gangwars, always have, but I don't love it enough to want to spend my entire life on it just to progress to 99... imagine what tier 200 is going to be like.... The thing woox has done here has ruined the game for me, everything else has been fine but this is just ridiculous, it's like he's looked at the players and just gone "hmm a few of these are on all day, I know, I'll make it take them weeks to hit 99 instead of just 1 weekend", but the truth is there's a lot of people who genuinely don't have that much time on their hands and have to work through the week. These people are going to play all weekend, come off through the week cause of work, then come back the next weekend to see people at 99 and they're not even able to hit it in the second weekend playing. They've made it way too unfair on anyone that works or anyone that actually has anything else to do in their lives. It's not like grinding to hit 99 wasn't a chore in itself already but to make it like trying to build a house out of paper and sellotape is beyond me and I'll never understand the thought process that's gone into it... Until woox reverts it I probably won't come back, but the fact I've already stopped playing and people will be so far ahead of what I could get to now just puts me off coming back anyway. You guys enjoy wasting your time on this mind numbing grinding that they've put in front of you and I'll get on with my life, peace.
  3. I quit anyway, I ain't really got time to sit there staring at a printer to get absolutely nowhere. Good luck to all of you on your boring journey to 99.
  4. I'm pretty sure everyone agrees with me when I say the new update is brilliant accept for the new xp rates. The xp rates are far too low for levels 75-99 as it's taking 3.5-4 hours to level with 12 forges, 12 printers, 4 launderers all overclocked to 250mhz. I want to get to 99 and start using new weapons and armour so I can get into some crazy gang fights, instead I'm forced to sit locked inside my base for 18 out of 24 hours of the day for at least the next week. I don't know about other people but I have a job and I have to work so that'll be 2 weeks, not 1. I've read a lot of people say they're considering quitting the game cause it's too tedious now and I can second that. I fully understand that you want the game to last longer but why not leave the xp normal, set the cap on level to 99 for at least a week or 2 to let everyone catch up, then raise it again. Not make it so that it takes people who play the game for only a couple hours a day a whole month to hit 99.
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