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  1. longer leveling devalues the players time, especially those who can't play 120 hours a week, and the only viable method of leveling at the moment is absolutely the least engaging and boring way of going about it, no one wants to spend 21 hours pressing e on a thing, probably stationary, watching tv shows or movies to pass the time because the ONLY WAY OF LEVELING IS INHERENTLY BORING, IT IS BORING AND HAS NEVER BEEN FUN, MAKING IT TAKE LONGER WONT MAKE IT ANY MORE ENGAGING, WONT MAKE IT ANY MORE FUN. If leveling time is going to stay the way it is there NEEDS to be different ways of leveling up, drug farming doesnt give nearly enough xp to be viable, banking gives dogshit xp, i've only seen one or two hackers over the past week, terrorist as a way of leveling is unsustainable and not nearly rewarding enough, cops dont get enough xp, there is only one way of getting levels, sitting in a building for 21 hours straight pressing e on printers, and 21 hours of 250mhz xp ring banker 12 print 12 forge 12 launderer gang xp booster xp talisman farming nets you 7 levels, how would you expect people not as fortunate or dedicated to progress at a healthy pace? If you double the time it'd take to level, you could measure the depth of the impression printers make into the eyes of the players using a fucking yardstick, it's not fun and has never been fun. There needs to be a new entity with some sort of fuckin minigame, give us quest minigames like the sliding puzzle or the nanobot thing in the form of a spawnable machine which gives us xp, make the repeating quests (mass murder, drug running, golem, undead hotel, spider attack) give more xp, give us damage based xp, anything, anything but printing, all of us veteran players have already done thousands of hours of printing, infusing, overclocking, we've all done it before, we've done it so so much already. when you spend 2 days vacationing and wonder how people have leveled 10-15 times during that time you need to recognize they spent 21 out of the 24 hours of those days doing the most mind numbing boring shit until they literally cant even keep their eyes open, there are people without xp upgrades and shit who have done the exact same stuff and probably only leveled 5-6 times over those two days the worst part of the game shouldn't take the longest time
  2. If leveling is this slow for people who have every means to quickly level, the people without xp talisman, or printer/forge expansions, or friends to max them, or 250mhz overclockers, or banker job, or gang xp upgrade, or xp rings with upgrades, are going to be absolutely fucked, if they doubly have a job or other thing that they need to do during the day there's no chance they'll stick around for tiers, which if things remain the way they are, no one will bother leveling tiers
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