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  1. Seems like clear RDM from name. You were standing in crossfire for a time but clearly weren't involved in the fight and weren't rivaled with him.
  2. As it stands, it's very unclear if fire damage has an effect at all. Some clarification on this would be appreciated if nothing else.
  3. Midas, we're always listening to the community and trying to improve even if sometimes it may not seem like it from the outside. Would either of these middle grounds be something that you'd find reasonable? A. Revert ring changes to their previous state. B. Nerf the XP requirement between levels (not back down to original amounts but a nerf nonetheless). I'd like to hear more information on how you'd like the system to be changed.
  4. After the last reset, the mission to complete The Big Daddy disappeared from my mission log and from Sloan's mission list. I can neither abandon nor accept it again and I am not given the option to attempt the quest again. I'd really like to get my luck ring from that quest and it really sucks to have this bug messin' me up. I'd appreciate any help you can offer.
  5. In the fourth room on the first floor of the mech building, an essential quest target for mechs, the intel/robotic chicken, is untargetable so the quest cannot be completed.
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