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  1. Also; Another cool thing that could be added is putting crypto miners in peoples printers, which would sap their XP/Money by a certain % and give it to you. Could be removed somehow tho, obviously.
  2. We've all setup printers literally thousands of times, if there was an item, even an expensive one (like 1m or something) that you could push a silo/factory/printer into to "lock" it in perfect position (would work with any amount 1-12) im sure people would use it. Would just be a cool quality of life feature. Would be easy to implement with silos but I'm not really sure on factories or normal printers. Maybe make it for only silos?
  3. Fair enough yeah. Forge hacking doesn't really make sense now that I think about it.
  4. Currently there really aren't many ways to gain XP. Printers are really the only viable way to level. Currently, drug farming gives you less than 5% XP every 30 minutes for constant attention. Meth farming is about the same. If drug farming, meth cook, and other active jobs such as Cybersecurity gave a substantial amount of XP, this XP rate would be fine. It would also make the game a lot more active, since currently you can quite literally tab in every 15 min and level. While I do still think that you should be able to tab in and level like you have always been able to (obviously) people should be rewarded much more substantially than they are now for actually playing the game. There are also a ton of things you can do with drug farming & meth cook, and tons of changes that could make it more interesting. Imagine being able to have multiple story, building wide growth operations where you could earn massive amounts of XP and lots of blueprints/resin for tending to it for a large amount of time, and possibly even growth operations inside your base that would require to be tended to by multiple people. At the end you would reap a massive reward. You could also do the same thing with Meth cook, massive building wide meth operations being worked on by multiple people, and again, you could reap a massive reward at the end of the grow/cook cycle. For Cybersecurity? Large-scale hacking missions that you have to do with multiple gangmates. I know most are complaining about this XP rate right now, including myself, but if people were rewarded enough XP for actively playing the game, it would be fine to have a slow leveling process if you're only doing printers/launderers/forges.
  5. Hacking rework! Cyber Security has become more and more worthless over the last couple years of GangWars; The biggest issue being that you cannot scan and hack things that are on generators. It needs a massive overhaul. 1. Hacking emails should be added back. Missions that you get while playing Cybersec in the terminal, that reward you with XP and Money, and possibly a Cyber-sec only currency. 2. Bank vault hacking should be added back. It should be extremely difficult, however, and should have a long cooldown. 3. Generators. Currently, the only thing you can hack is things on power sockets, thus making it virtually useless to use the cybersec job. If you guys did go through with making people able to hack items on generators, though, there does need to be a way for people to protect their printers/item tps/etc- possibly hacking your own items to increase encryption/firewall or whatever, and possibly hacking your own stuff to increase their rate of printing/forcing a print, or maybe increase forge rate too? 4. A hacking specific currency needs to be added. Cryptocurrency themed possibly? Which could be added to new crafting recipes or possibly even old ones that you guys deem should be made more difficult/expensive to craft. 5. Add the ability to hack forges. 6. Hacker alarm should actually do something, other than alerting you. Possibly allow people to counter-hack someone trying to get into their printers/forges/etc
  6. it is quite literally impossible, even on 12/12 with 12 launderers, that you got 77-85 in "a night" Even with 250hz, human XP ability, max rings, 12/12/12, I went from 77-80 in 12 hours. There is quite literally no way you went from 77-85 in a night. Stop bullshitting. This hurts the casual players the most. The people that cant grind 16h a day. The people that have jobs. For them, leveling will easily take a month. At least. While everyone else that has no life, will be grinding tiers.
  7. Dude I can't even imagine people without 250hz. It's already taking us 3+ hours to level with 2 max rings, tali, 12/12, max launderers, etc. I feel like when the people leveling slowly see the XP at 75 they'll just quit. Lvl caps were 1000x better than this.
  8. The issue is that we aren't seeing any progression. No amount of convincing you can do will make us change our mind that this is mindless, boring, mindnumbingly unfun. I've literally never had less fun in gangwars, ever, than right now. This feels like tier 199 to tier 200. Nobody enjoys this xp rate. Why dont we just take a vote in discord? People are literally quitting over this. You don't seem to understand that gangs have to hop servers to fight, because no 2 competitive gangs are going to be on the same server right now. So, should we hop, lose all of our printers, and fight?? Just in the end to lose xp, and get behind? Also, do not forget, every gang that loses multiple fights, hops servers. Then what? We hop again? Just to lose printers again?
  9. just please change it i dont want to play anymore because of this
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