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  1. DoomSoldier


    Right now everyone that knows about cameras can place them anywhere in the map AND use them whenever they want, from anywhere in the map, giving people lots of free vision without any downsides. My request would be to disable camera and replace it with a RT camera. Why? because with an RT camera, it could force players to build a security room and have to be at their base to use their cameras. It would also be a fun feature to use the camera and allow OTHER people to use it too, not just for your own personal benefit. Imagine the scene, you are sitting in your nice base at the bank, you are printing with your mates doing your thing and one of you notices on the security camera that someone is trying to do your maze! with all the extra eyes of course it was noticed. instead of currently that, you are out and about doing your thing and get a feeling you are being raided, but you are down in the mines (for whatever reason) tap a key, now you can see you are being raided but only you saw it, and it took half a second to press a button, pretty free in my mind. If possible when adding a RT camera, make it so the camera has a small amount of hp enough to "shoot out" a camera to make raiding a bit more interactive.
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