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Fire Damage Rework/ Elements page

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I want to get a elements page added to the game or added somewhere so players can come look at the page and see what elements do and what. how much % of the element has what effect on the player, something along those lines. This would also help when shock and corrode come into the light to better help diversify what elements people want to build. 

Fire damage rework Idea - After an X amount of fire%dmg OVER your targets Fire%Resist, they should take DoT for X amount of time. I bring this up because in the past, if you had fire damage, you would get to see a burn effect on enemies and hear it tick once or twice, or if you were really high in fire damage and the enemy had no fire resistance you would see 3-4 ticks sometimes 5. Sometimes you would get a Double tick of fire but idk if that was a glitch in the past or a thing that was implemented on purpose, fire would just tick twice as fast for less duration. Right now with my own testing, all it looks like is I deal damage and have a cool fire effect above my enemy that does nothing. If fire damage is dealt to an enemy, can the fire Ticks or fire damage that is being applied pop up in a different color to signify what is being added?

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