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[WIP] City Map

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I'm quite sure a lot of you may know this from a while back now that I have been working on a Map. I have been working on this on/offline as much as I can, I have made quite a lot of progress and I'm here to share some pics with you guys to show how the progress is going.


****Please keep in mind these pictures are still a Work In Progress and are subject to change.****





Section 1 (TBN)






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Some statements to make.


  1. Mapping isn't easy and iterations are the only way to learn, take my criticism as constructive and try to build on it
  2. Pre-plan and write your ideas down, you will not succeed with iterating over the same map for hours on end, you need to have a goal.


  • Skyboxes can make or break a map, I honestly think your choice breaks the map.
  • Several of your texture choices look very flat and over-used, giving it a gloomy and very un-realistic look. (Think about a curb, it might take 3-5 different textures to fill out a sidewalk properly)
  • Try to think about the scale of the map, this seems too big. Carlanton's CrimeCity map was way too big, LtShinySides's downtown map seemed find a good medium.
  • A simple spawn area is nice, but this seems too simple. Try to add some spice, different textures, different facades. Give it some running rustic pipes, some good bright materials, something to make it stand out and pop. If you're going for a train-station feel, take a look at real-life examples and get some modeling idea off that.
  • Bases and areas should be designed with padding between them, if you look at gw_downtown_v5 you will notice that there is not a single base that shares a wall with another base. This is on purpose, it adds padding to stop prop pushers, printers from affecting each other, and etc.
  • Don't go overboard. gw_downtown_v5 had 35 potential bases (32 after subtracting power plant, bank, police station) most of these bases weren't used.
  • Design bases to purposely mess players up. RobCo wasn't designed with the player's best interest. This is by design, it shouldn't be easy for you to throw 65 props at a wall and be safe. Add annoying pillars, more than 1 door and etc.
  • Buildings looking flat is okay! 99% of players won't care if you can run a full 360 degrees around a building, its better to put a "front" of the building as the only area you can see and imagine the rest of the building. (I.e the bank in gw_downtown_v5)
  • Don't try displacements a map like this, its not worth the time or effort to perfect them.
  • Be careful on the custom textures that you use, many textures are meant to be combined with other textures. Stretching them over a large plot of land could be pretty repetitive and horribly ugly. I challenge you to try and locate repeating textures in gw_downtown_v5 that don't look right, there aren't many. Most are broken up with other textures or pillars.
  • Use real life as your examples, its easy and its how every professional ever does it.



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@Troll This isn't the first map I have made and I already have everything mapped out on paper.


1. Skybox is just temporary due to me not being able to fully see once rendered. I'll have that distorted screen when I start looking around.

2. I have said this in the post, but everything is W.I.P and not final. It's more or less a base plate for other things.

3. As of right now, if I counted correctly....17 Bases.

4. I am well aware of the limitations and custom textures being gaudy I have yet to find ones that will suit. Also please bear in mind this map is intended to be in a dimmer environment. The custom textures I chose out are meant for a less than 4 "light_environment" in those pictures it is an 8 for testing purposes and will revert back when on it's final render.

5. I have done the map with building and raiding in mind. Trust me.

6. I have added integrated safety measures for prop pushers in between the walls. 😉

7. As it currently stands, the map will be slightly larger then Downtown with a possibility of a Sewer, if Hammer allows it.

8. From what I remember I am roughly on 35% usage of textures with Section 1 nearing completion. Last 2 Sections will be smaller then the First, technically counts as 1 whole section broken off into 2 mini sections.


Honestly, I will take all feedback into consideration. And will adjust the map accordingly. A lot is still a WIP so please bear that in mind. And NOTHING IS FINAL.

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Posted (edited)

I like the idea of a new map compared to using old ones even though the first one is really good! When making a map for gangwarsrp, You need to think about these things, "Checkpoints, The Bank, Portals, NPCs, Tunnels, The Upgrades Factory, How big the map is, Theme "By the looks of its the are doing the 2.0 theme with the "logo", and more. And the thing about Gangwarsrp Maps is they are compacts with the housings, not spread out like yours, remember that.

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