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Welcome to my forums, full of great ideas.
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GangWarsRP has seen ups and down throughout the past years, but a new beginning is starting to see the light of day. With an expanded team, GangWars will now face a new tomorrow, with a bright future ahead.

Join us!

GangWarsRP offers easy communication to it's playerbase! If you seek assistance, or simply wants to communicate with your fellow administrators, or players. Visit our two other forums for quick chatting. 

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Staff Application Format

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In-game Name: 
Discord Username: 
Steam ID: 


Application Questions


In your own words, what are the main duties/responsibilities of an admin on GangwarsRP?


How long have you been a part of the GangwarsRP community?


What do you find the administrative team lacks right now or could use more of and how would you help fix it?


How much time do you think you can reasonably spend within the community daily?


Are you able to maintain composure and make critical decisions when dealing with complicated conflicts? (IE: Conflict of Interest/Biased Situations or heavily stressful situations)


Do you have a working microphone and are willing to actively interact with the community on a daily basis in terms of discord / in game?


Being an admin requires good written and verbal communication. Are you able to professionally carry yourself on the forum and in-game? If so in your honest opinion, describe us a situation you did the following.


Finally, are you able to take critique, learn from mistakes and maintain an open mind with this job that is ever changing?

What are your top 2-3 strengths / weaknesses about yourself that would help us understand more about you?

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