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Welcome, to GangWars!

GangWarsRP has seen ups and down throughout the past years, but a new beginning is starting to see the light of day. With an expanded team, GangWars will now face a new tomorrow, with a bright future ahead.

Join us!

GangWarsRP offers easy communication to it's playerbase! If you seek assistance, or simply wants to communicate with your fellow administrators, or players. Visit our two other forums for quick chatting. 

Join us!

Our first server has just opened to the public, join the fun in a quicker version of GangWars. Experience and Drop rates have been increased to x5!

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Add some form of events

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Add some form of events that happen like every 1 -2 hours e.g last man standing or like a game where your on a platform and you have to knock the players off it

The rewards could be cosmetic or upgrades + XP its 

its just something to do instead of printing

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I agree I don't think events should be a thing that is required to have staff on because let's be honest it hasn't looked good in the past plus they deal with tickets due to rdm, nlr, etc to handle. Having the Bosses in 2.0 was awesome and rewarding. 

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