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Welcome, to GangWars!

GangWarsRP has seen ups and down throughout the past years, but a new beginning is starting to see the light of day. With an expanded team, GangWars will now face a new tomorrow, with a bright future ahead.

Join us!

GangWarsRP offers easy communication to it's playerbase! If you seek assistance, or simply wants to communicate with your fellow administrators, or players. Visit our two other forums for quick chatting. 

Join us!

Our first server has just opened to the public, join the fun in a quicker version of GangWars. Experience and Drop rates have been increased to x5!

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Changelog #2 | 03-10-2018

Recommended Posts

-Fixed kill text being a random ass number.
-Fixed a way to rob the vault remotely.
-Fixed a way to accept quests remotely.
-Fixed Guns being able to be swapped in fights
-Fixed that Golems only did health damage, and not armor
-Fixed NPC constant swipe
-Fixed NPC not being able to move
-Increased range of Police Scanner
-Added so AFK Players are nocollided in spawn
-Reduced regen for both Armor and Health
-Fixed Top Banner on scoreboard being CrimeWars, instead of GangWars

Forum Changelog
-Added chatbox
-Setup Forum Pages
-Setup Forum Ranks
-Setup Forum Reputation Ranks

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