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GangWarsRP has seen ups and down throughout the past years, but a new beginning is starting to see the light of day. With an expanded team, GangWars will now face a new tomorrow, with a bright future ahead.

Join us!

GangWarsRP offers easy communication to it's playerbase! If you seek assistance, or simply wants to communicate with your fellow administrators, or players. Visit our two other forums for quick chatting. 

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Artistic Design

In-Game Rules

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Fair Use Of The Chat System

  • No Racism Period

  • Extreme flaming is not allowed.

  • Disrespect of the administration is not allowed.

  • The "/advert" system is for legitimate advertising only.

  • No Doxxing / DDos Threats (Even Jokes) / Accusations (Rapist/Pedo)

  • Abuse of the “/admin” chat is not allowed.

    • IE: Spamming admin chat for help, or disrespecting an admin's decisions.


Fair Use Of Props

  • Abusing props to harm players is not allowed.

  • No player will prop block any public area, NPC, or public items or world entities.

  • Players will not build within properties they do not own and don't have the permission of the owner(s), with the exception of a ramp that is able to be shot through.


Fair Base Construction

  • A base is defined as an area where roleplay items are stored.

  • There must be at least one clearly visible way into your base (Don't prop block all entrances)

  • Forcing a player to crouch through more than two 1x1 PHX sized areas in a row is not allowed.

  • There must be no more than 3 fading doors to gain access to a base

  • You must have two keypads per fading door one per side (They must be working)

  • Trap bases are not allowed; players must be able to exit a base the same way they came in.

  • Bases should not cover a player's head or provide you an advantage

  • Bases that require you to move along a section of angled props that affect your movement speed are not allowed.

  • Base must be touching the ground unless they have a proper support structure connecting it to the map realistically.

  • Building signs while having RP entities within said base is not allowed.

  • If you own Robco and have a building sign up, you must have the generator destroyed and no gas / oil laying around.

  • No Pixel Perfect Bases (IE: You can only do the maze with a keybind / macro / luck. You must be able to perfectly jump over a prop or crouch without issue.)

  • Base must 100% see through. (IE: Players involved in the raid must be able to see and shoot the player defending base.)


Profession Limitations

  • Bankers must actively take deposits to the vault if they are the banker profession.

  • Bankers must take deposits if they are the banker profession.

    • IE: If a player is the banker job, and not actively taking deposits this is classified as job abuse.

  • AnkhTek Security may not unarrest anyone or aid in the unarrest of someone.

  • AnkhTek are not allowed to chase wanted people in the middle of a fight to intentionally get players wanted for arrest.

  • Only AnkhTek security may hunt wanted players.

  • Meth Farmers are to not meth bomb intentionally around other players. This is classified as RDM, and will be punished accordingly.

Fair Roleplaying

  • Players will not bodyblock as Ghost.

  • Players will not spam doors to keep a person from entering or exiting a room.

  • Players will not bodyblock behind props or entities/props that you can't shoot through.

  • Suicide and or reconnecting to avoid arrest, hitman, demotion or gang rivalry killing is not allowed.

  • You must be actively using the profession you are playing. (IE: Terrorist must attempt / try to blow up the town actively)

Mech House

  • No killing of rivals or anyone within the mech house

  • You may spawn RP entities within the mech house, but no props of any kind.

  • Preventing mech progression or kill stealing allows the victim to take revenge (Safezones don't apply)

Raid Rules

  • Raiding starts when an enemy player attempts to or enters the base. (Lockpicking/Keypad/Entering base)

  • You cannot lock doors while you are being raided.

  • You can only open a fading door with the use of a button or keypad during a raid.

  • You cannot close a fading door whilst a raid is taking place

  • Rebuilding a base whilst a raid is taking place is not allowed.

  • If you have a building sign on your base you may not be raided (regardless of gang rivalry.

    • If you have roleplay items in your base you are able to be raided regardless of building signs

  • The bank can always be raided. Building signs are not allowed on the bank.

  • You are not allowed to blow up your rp entities during a raid. (Printers/Forges/Etc)

  • One prop per gang / party during a raid. (Must be able to shoot through, and touch the ground.)

  • 30m No-Raid Timer (IE: One raid per 30m)

  • Raid must last no longer than 2 hours.

    • IE: No camping a players base so they cannot leave the base and carry on with the gamemode.


Random Deathmatch

  • Random deathmatch is killing a player without a valid reason

  • Any player in a rival gang may be killed at any time.

  • AnkhTek Security can be killed if you are wanted.

  • Defending a gang mate from the AnkhTek Security is allowed.

  • Killing a player who is actively capturing your territory is allowed.

  • Killing a player in the gang that owns the territory you are actively capturing is allowed.

  • Killing a player for pickpocketing any player is allowed.

  • Killing a player for griefing (IE: Body blocking, ghost trapping, special weapons, etc) is allowed.

  • Running into crossfire intentionally and fighting back is not allowed.

  • Parkour and the bank past double doors is KOS

  • Terrorist are FFA



  • Admin Decision is Final.

  • No Mounts during raids

  • No Drone or spirit during raids.

  • No Alting (No alternative accounts)

  • No publicly or privately releasing personal information of another player without their written approval(Doxing).

  • No forms of IRL trading | Both accounts get banned if caught) (IE: Selling In game items for non in game items)

  • No Assisting party / gang members who are terrorist / Anhktek security unless you are also that profession.



  • No usage of third party tools while connected to the server. An example of this would be any form of scripts that give you an advantage over others. (IE: Aimbot / ESP / Macros / Autoclicking / illegitimate Bhop)

  • Exploiting bugs is not allowed, but if bugs are reported there is a possibility of being rewarded. If you find a bug in the game you must report it to an admin ASAP via IN-Game PM, or in DM on Discord / Forums, Do not publicly disclose exploits or game breaking bugs. (Potential for punishment if you do)

  • Attempting to bypass the Anti-AFK system is not allowed.

  • Knowing someone who has exploits and not reporting it can result in severe punishment.


Temp Rules

  • No Crouch jumping during fights (Until hitboxes are fixed)

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