ID Name SteamID Admin Reason Time Remaining  
1 menace STEAM_0:1:91149513 positive Exploiting Never  
2 nigga4life STEAM_0:1:615722100 positive bad name, make a discord ticket if you intend on playing. Expired  
3 Peanut Arbuckle STEAM_0:1:96088841 positive does NOT have N word pass Expired  
4 Jamjar Ballin STEAM_0:1:554901716 positive does NOT have n word pass (also ur fat) Expired  
5 Apedawg STEAM_0:0:44459963 positive DDoS threats | literally no one in the gangwars community likes you Never  
14 arty STEAM_0:1:27162220 positive Doxing Never  
15 Cunning Ham STEAM_0:0:125203918 K0Killer2 Prop blocking all bases Expired  
16 gaynigger3 STEAM_0:0:556353067 K0Killer2 Appeal on Discord Never  
17 hknee gagears STEAM_0:0:441276816 positive Propblocking spawn Never  
23 Bleep Bloop STEAM_0:1:122069281 kamber ddos threat Never  
24 AdolfRizzler STEAM_0:1:52923072 kamber idiot Never  
28 CumGuzzler STEAM_0:1:77792802 Bounty Hunter propspam Expired  
29 Rezist STEAM_0:1:54093153 positive pedos aren't allowed in gangwars sorry! Never  
34 Unknown STEAM_0:1:26052782234234234234 Waffles test Expired  
37 Chelios STEAM_0:0:55273317 Heineken Doxing IRL information Never  
38 john smith 92 STEAM_0:1:509771186 Aromatic aaaaaa Never  
43 BakiHanma STEAM_0:0:63594418 Unknown [ROTAC] Cheating. Never  
44 BustliFungi STEAM_0:1:64921691 Trebor Alt/Ban Avoid Never  
45 BlueFace STEAM_0:0:197060405 Demon :) Make an appeal when you can stop being racist Expired  
46 Binglebottom STEAM_0:0:702748362 Demon :) Make an appeal when you can stop being racist Expired